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About Web Site

Eight (8) Reasons Why You Need a Website

1. Websites Never Sleep.

Many people surf the web in the evening when most businesses are closed, which is perfectly fine because websites never take a break. A website will allow your business or organization to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having a website is the equivalent of having an employee working around the clock - even weekends and holidays!

2. Your Top Competitor Has A Website.

If you are in direct competition with another business that has a website, they have a clear advantage - especially if they are adequately marketing their website. A website is a great way to level the playing field.

3. Just Google It.

More than ever before, people are turning away from traditional means of finding information and looking online, especially by way of mobile devices. Your business should be at their fingertips when they look in the search engines.

4. Websites Improve Customer Confidence & Corporate Image.

With a professional website, you will improve you overall impression to the public and, in turn, your customers will develop a greater sense of confidence in your organization.

5. Small Businesses Have Higher Revenue.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses that have websites are averaging $1.07 million more per year in sales than small businesses not online. That equates to 39% higher revenue.

6. Do You Know 247 Million People?

That is the number of Americans that regularly use the Internet. Worldwide Internet usage is pushing two billion.

7. Websites Help Establish More Customers.

According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of Internet sales are from new customers. Having a website significantly improves your customer reach no matter what services or products you offer.

8. Websites Are Not Just Local, They Are Global.

Most small businesses are only able to market to their town and surrounding communities. With a website, you can take your goods and services across America and around the world, if you so choose.
About Domain

What is a domain?

A domain is the end of your email address and website URL that links you to the rest of the world. A domain name is a unique combination of letters and/or numbers which gives your website a 'web address.' For example, raylabdesign.co.za is our domain name.

Why Have a Domain?

Registering a domain is the first step in establishing an online identity for you or your business. Having a good domain name allows you to create a customised website and have professional-lookingEMAIL ADDRESSES .

The quick answer is "why not". It's so cheap and easy to have your own domain these days - there are more reason to have one than not. This will help establish your business, your reputation or your hobbies and thoughts on the global stage. Once you've registered your domain, you can also setup multiple email addresses at that domain, to create a professional first impression on your clients, or simply impress your buddies with a customised email address that can't ever be taken away from you. Because you own the domain, it belongs to you and you can keep it for as long as you like (you have to renew it annually though - which we can help with).

About Hosting

Why do I need hosting?

In order to make use of your domain, you need hosting space to host your domain, for your website content and your email (or either one if you're not interested in both). How much space you need depends on exactly what you'll be hosting. With us, you can easily (and conveniently) register your domain with a hosting package, and then easily upgrade (or downgrade) according to your needs. We'll register your domain for you (and we offer FREE co.za domain registrations) and we can also renew your domain annually (and save you a ton of admin).
About PTY Registration

What is a private company?

Private companies are comparable to companies of the same status under the Companies Act, 1973 and are characterised by the following:

  • They are subject to fewer disclosure and transparency requirements.
  • A private company will still be prohibited from offering its shares to the public and the transferability of its shares will be restricted, but it may now have more than 50 shareholders.
  • The name of a private company must end with the expression "Proprietary Limited" or its abbreviation "(Pty) Ltd".
  • The board of a private company must comprise at least one director, or any other minimum number as stipulated in its MOI. Each incorporator is a first director of the company.
  • What will it cost to register a company?

    The basic filing fee is R175 if the company's Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) is in form 15.1A or 15.1C, or R475.00 in any other case and/or CoR 35.1 if any

    Fee to transfer registration of a foreign company is R400.00

    Fee to incorporate an external company is R400.00

    About Tax Clearance

    What is a tax Certificate of Tax Clearance ?

    A Certificate of Tax Clearanceis a comprehensive review to determine and ensure that the applicant account is in current compliance with all applicable

    The Certificate of Tax Clearance and corresponding confirmation number (printed on the certificate) is used as proof of the approved clearance.

    Why would my business need a Certificate of Tax Clearance?

    You may be required to provide a Kansas tax clearance certificate or letter as part of a loan approval, to obtain a contract, obtain a business license, company acquisitions, selling of business assets, merging corporations, franchise rules, and various other reasons.

    Can anyone request an official Certificate of Tax Clearance?

    According to Kansas Law, tax information is CONFIDENTIAL. An official tax clearance certificate or letter for a business will only be released to the following:

    • The business owner
    • A corporate officer, office manager, or other appointed official of the company
    • An individual who has notarized authorization from the business owner or officer to request and receive tax information. (Please provide a copy. Cannot use online application.)
    • An individual who has statutory authority or legal power of attorney to request and receive tax information on behalf of the business. (Please provide a copy. Cannot use online application.)

    For how long is a Certificate of Tax Clearance valid?

    A tax clearance is valid for 12 months after its issue date. The expiration date is noted on the certificate or letter. To renew a tax clearance, you will have to submit a new request.

    About Annual Returns

    Who must submit the annual return?

    All cc's and companies must submit annual returns to avoid penalties charged and the possibility of being de-registered and closed. An annual return is NOT a tax return submission. Tax returns MUST ALSO be submitted to SARS.

    My company is not trading, must I submit the annual return?

    Yes, if a company is dormant, will be used in future and you do not want this to be de-registered (closed) the the annual return MUST be filed.

    When must the annual return be submitted?

    The annual return must be submitted during the anniversary month of the company. For example, if the company was incorporated during 15 May, then every year 15 May the annual return will be due for submission.

    Why must the annual return be submitted?

    To update the latest information and annual turnover with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission. Annual return submissions keep the company in business and avoid this from being closed.

    What happens if the annual return is not submitted on time?

    If a company fails to lodge its annual return within the prescribed period, the company will eventually be final de-registered, meaning that it will no longer exists. The company name will then become available to the general public for registration.

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